Brand Philosophy 

Our designs are non-binary and fully legible for Braille readers. They destigmatize disability and educate about the importance of inclusive representation in the fashion industry. We work alongside a diverse team of fashion lovers from blind, visually impaired and sighted communities. Together, we create fashion-forward products that empower and celebrate inclusivity.
Our packaging plays a key role in how we want to see the world. Using materials from sustainable sources. Our smart packaging is designed to be reusable and optimized for recycling. This eliminates waste and reduces the environmental impact for the benefit of people and the planet.

People dressing MIMOO based on diversity, non-gender and inclusivity pillars
MIMOO packaging made of sustainable material

MI.MOO (pronounced: mimo) 

MI.MOO comes from the Portuguese word “mimo” which means the sweetness with which someone or something is treated. The dot divides the word in two, spotlighting the differences among people and representing a Braille bridge between them. We add one more “o” at the end to sensitize our community about the unbalanced rights and privileges which we face up. We believe inclusivity is the direction the fashion industry needs to move forward, and we’re leading this change! Fashion is for everyone.


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